Positive Pregnancy Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Are you interested in Positive Pregnancy Dream Meaning? Then this guide is for you!

Different people interpret positive pregnancy dreams differently. This is because the meaning of this dream depends on one’s individual circumstances.

This means that a specific positive pregnancy dream could mean one thing to one person, and an entirely different thing to another.

All the same, we can talk of general interpretations that go with the common positive pregnancy dreams.

For example, seeing a positive pregnancy test result indicates that you – or your significant other – fear being pregnant.

Of course, the detailed meaning of this dream depends on your feelings towards it. For example, being happy that you’ve seen these results means that you are ready to give pregnancy a try.

Although you may be fearful at the prospect, you acknowledge that it is not something entirely out of the question.

If seeing a positive pregnancy test in your dream fills you with dread, you are not likely to try getting pregnant any time soon.

Some positive pregnancy dreams serve as warnings, while others encourage and support the dreamer.

Here is a look at some common positive pregnancy dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Positive Pregnancy Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Getting News of Being Pregnant

In this dream, your test results return positive for pregnancy. This is a sign of new things to come. This dream alerts you that you’ll encounter new opportunities.

If you’ve felt that your past did not go as well as you’d have wanted, this is your chance to get it right.

#2 – Dream of Being Pregnant and Happy

If you dream that you are happy that your pregnancy test results have turned positive, change is in the air.

This dream suggests that you need to change certain aspects of your lifestyle.

Your world is fast-changing, and you need to change with it to keep abreast of everything that’s going on.

It’s only by embracing change that you get to experience real happiness.

#3 – Dream of Positive Pregnancy Test but No Symptoms

In this dream, your pregnancy tests come back positive, but there’s no other evidence to support this. Actually, you wonder how you conceived, yet there was no sex involved!

This dream indicates that you are not ready to accept that you are growing older.

Likely, you have missed so many opportunities that you are scared of the prospect of facing the life ahead.

#4 – Dream of a Recurrent Positive Pregnancy Test Results

Do you desire to have a family, but you are afraid of getting pregnant? This dream occurs to assuage your fears.

This dream affirms that pregnancy, just like child-rearing, is an important part of bringing up a family.

This means you should embrace the prospect of getting pregnant as it will open your life to a whole new world.

#5 – Dream of Being Scared of a Positive Pregnancy

This is a sign that you are anxious about a new assignment. You feel uncertain and confused about how best to approach it.

Having this dream suggests that you should listen to your intuition. Your instincts and inner wisdom will never let you down whenever you need this kind of guidance.

At the same time, you should learn to consult your mentors and like-minded individuals. These people will come to your aid whenever you seem unable to deal with some issues in your life.

#6 – Dream of Meeting a Pregnant Stranger

If you dream of meeting and interacting with a pregnant stranger, it means growth. You are seeking to collaborate with creative types to bring your ideas to life.

This dream also suggests that you are looking for inspiration amongst people who’ve been there before you.

#7 – Dream of Being Pregnant with an Unwanted Baby

This dream shows that you – or your partner – have an unplanned pregnancy. This can be a nightmare especially if you are not ready to make adjustments to have the baby.

This dream tells you that things don’t always go according to plan. This means that you should always have an exit plan in everything you are doing.

Having this dream tells you it’s a good thing to plan ahead for any eventuality.

#8 – Dream of Your Friend Testing Positive for Pregnancy

This is a sign of betrayal. Likely, someone close to you is giving out your most intimate secrets.

It could be that they want to scandalize your name and take credit for the creative works in which you are jointly involved.

This is your signal to examine the nature of your friendships. Use your power of discernment to weed out the false friends from your life.

#9 – Dream of Hiding a Positive Pregnancy from Your Partner

Dreaming of hiding a pregnancy from your partner (or your partner hiding a pregnancy from you) indicates instability.

This dream shows that you and your partner are keeping secrets from each other. If things have not been going well in this relationship, it’s because you are dishonest with each other.

It’s time to talk about the issues negatively affecting your love life.

#10 – Dream of Being Harassed for Being Pregnant

In this dream, your parents or spouse is not happy that your pregnancy test has come back positive. This dream shows that you don’t see things from the same perspective as your family members.

This has been a bane in your family for some time now.

Dreaming of being harassed because of a pregnancy tells you to take the initiative to resolve any pending issues in your family.

You are in a unique position to guide your family – even if this means conceding a lot on your part.

#11 – Dream of a Positive Pregnancy Followed by Birth

Your projects are soon coming to fruition. You have been faithful and meticulous with your goals and plans. Soon, you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work.

This dream also indicates that you’ll come up with life-changing solutions to the problems in your community.

Never ever underestimate yourself. You have the power to positively transform lives.

#12 – Dream of a Positive Pregnancy Test Turning Negative

In this dream, you have been preparing to see your pregnancy through to fruition, only to learn that you are not pregnant, after all.

This is a sign that you’ve encountered a serious impediment on a professional assignment. For example; if you are a writer, it could mean that you have encountered writer’s block.

#13 – Dream of Your Neighbor’s Pregnancy Test Coming Back Positive

You have a kind heart. You are always concerned about your family, friends, and neighbors.

Your colleagues are happy when you are around because they know they can rely on you for support should they need it.

All the same, you should also spare time to take care of your needs.

Paying too much attention to other people’s needs and forgetting your own might push you into compassion fatigue.

#14 – Dream of Meeting a Pregnant Old Woman

How determined are you to achieve your goals and dreams? This dream shows that you have everything laid out for you.

You just need to work hard and embrace a positive attitude in everything you do.

Also, this dream reminds you that true success is not an overnight affair. You should be ready to wait patiently for the results you desire to see.

Do all the good things that are expected of you without hesitating. This is the key to accessing the positive energies of new beginnings, good fortune, and prosperity.

#15 – Dream of Meeting a Pregnant Virgin

This dream warns you against keeping the company of dubious characters.

There’s nothing good you can reap from your association with people whose main preoccupation is slander and mudslinging.

Also, having this dream tells you to be strong in the face of hostility from your haters.

Regardless of the kinds of rumors and falsehoods they peddle about you, your eyes must be firmly fixed on your goals and dreams.

#16 – Dream of Positive Pregnancy Showing Twins

This dream indicates that you enjoy a very close relationship with your partner. You are happy that you plan your days together, and you don’t keep secrets from each other.

Also, this dreaming of positive pregnancy showing twins means that you are of two minds.

You need to choose carefully the right path to follow in life because the two options available to you don’t give the same results.

#17 – Dream of Positive Pregnancy with Triplets

This is a sign that you long to have babies. You think the time is ripe to get in the family way. If you are married, this is a good time to broach your ideas with your partner.

If you are still single, this dream tells you to keep your eyes peeled for your true love. Someone will soon find you. Together, you’ll create a happy union.

#18 – Dream of Positive Pregnancy Showing Over Three Children

You are highly interested in a large family. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you want many children.

It indicates that you desire to positively influence as many people as you can in your community. This is a good idea as long as it is backed by positive action.

#19 – Dream of Many Women with Pregnancy Tests Coming Back

This dream points out that you are too much in a hurry to achieve your objections. You should bear in mind that impatience leads to poor performance in many areas of your life.

A lot of things are bound to go wrong when you do them in haste.

#20 – Dream of Rejecting a Positive Pregnancy

Are you too worried that your life may amount to nothing after all? This is a negative notion that you should banish from your mind.

You expose yourself to untold dangers by allowing worries, anxieties, and unfounded fears to run your life.

Rather, make a conscious choice to be guided by positive affirmations and visualizations.


Generally speaking, dreams about positive pregnancy are about nurturing life and talents. They are about growing from one phase of life to another.

Those with these dreams are motivated to start life afresh.

They are ready to use lessons from their past to make better, more informed decisions about their future.

However, this dream can also have negative connotations. For example, it could mean that you are going through life with little thought for tomorrow.

In this case, this dream warns you of the dangers of living recklessly.

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