Praying Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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It’s common for people of all cultures and walks of life to have dreams about praying. This is more so because prayers have been an integral part of human experience.

Dreaming about praying draws your attention to the state of your mind and soul. There’s a powerful link between prayer and your spiritual and mental faculties.

This dream stirs your conscience and encourages you to pursue noble goals. It reminds you of the power of your intuition and inner wisdom.

Dreams about praying show that you yearn for a way out of your predicaments. It’s likely that you feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on around you.

Things seem to be so bad that only divine intervention can help you out.

Is there something that you strongly desire to accomplish in this lifetime? This dream points you in this direction.

Here’s a look at some common praying Dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Praying Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Praying for Divine Intervention

This is a sign that you desire to discover and serve your purpose in this world. You are not shy to seek the support you need to achieve your goals and actualize your biggest dreams.

This dream predicts great things ahead of you. It is a sign that the future is well taken care of.

#2 – Dream of Praying for Your Parents

This dream shows that you are working hard for peace and happiness. The path you have chosen is so clear to you that nothing can dissuade you from pursuing your objectives.

Dreaming of praying for your parents could also mean that you’ll be approached to take on added responsibilities.

You have conducted yourself so well in the past that people feel you are the right person to handle their issues.

#3 – Dream of Praying for Spiritual Strength

After many years of uncertainty and wandering, you have discovered that your spirituality is the cornerstone of your life.

As such, you are very much interested in creating a solid connection with the divine realm.

This dream is an assurance that you won’t walk the journey of life alone. Your heavenly minders are keenly watching every move you make.

#4 – Dream of Praying for Peace

Some negative energies have slowly been creeping into your life. As the days go by, you feel more uncertain, insecure, and doubtful.

This dream gives you a heads-up to take back control of your life.

If you are at a crossroads, know that you should exude courage and inner confidence stronger than before.

Purpose to rid your life of all forms of negativities.

#5 – Dream of Praying for Forgiveness

Your spiritual connection with your divine guides has been in tatters, and you desire to change this. It has dawned on you that you can’t achieve much when you are far away from the grace of heaven.

This dream encourages you to redirect your energies towards your spiritual needs. Tend to your soul with the right nourishment.

Everything becomes possible when you associate yourself with the divine powers of the Universe.

#6 – Dream of Praying for Healing

Your dreams will come true because you have shunned the evil ways of unscrupulous people.

Your loyalty to your faith is unwavering, and this is reflected in the many benefits you attract from heaven.

Every positive thing you do is blessed. Your divine guides will give you the extra boost to unleash your full potential.

#7 – Dream of Praying for Your Friend

This dream brings to the fore the stellar qualities that have hitherto been hidden in you. Did you know that you are kind, caring, generous, and compassionate? S

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can use these gifts to make your world better? This dream is gently pushing you in this direction of thought.

#8 – Dream of Praying in Church

Although things have been hard on you, success is just around the corner. This dream encourages to keep working hard despite the impediments on your path.

Your efforts will deliver you to the right side of life. All the terrible things you’ve had to go through will soon be a thing of the past.

This dream shows that you will gain redemption, no matter how low you have sunk.

#9 – Dream of Praying in a Temple

This is a sign that you are remorseful of your past actions. You are looking for redemption to free your mind of the shame and guilt you feel.

The temple in your dream signifies a place of spiritual contentment. It is a sanctuary from the negative effects of out thoughtless attitudes and actions.

Dreaming of praying in a temple indicates the cleansing of the mind and the purification of the soul. By accepting and correcting your errant ways, you’ll get rid of all the shame and guilt.

#10 – Dream of Praying Before a Pilgrimage

You have allowed you faith to fall into disuse and your hope is waning. Is it because certain aspects of your life have not worked out that you lost faith in your heavenly minders?

Could it be that you have been misled by false prophets and ill-intentioned acquaintances?

Either way, this dream tells you that all’s not lost. If you can reignite the fires of your spirituality, you see that everything will be fine.

#11 – Dream of Praying to Ward Off Evil

Praying to keep away evil indicates that you have been pushed to the wall in many ways.

Your spiritual life is wanting, your source of livelihood is threatened, and negative emotions are almost over-running you.

This dream asks you not to suffer in silence. You need to raise your voice because the Universe has placed many helpers on your path.

#12 – Dream of Praying with a Friend

This dream shows that many people in your community hold you in high regard. Your actions and positive attitude have drawn admiration and respect in equal measure.

You are lucky to have the kind of people that surround you. You have shoulders to lean on any time things seem too hard.

#13 – Dream of Praying for the Dead

Problems seem to engulf you at every turn. You are on the verge of giving in to failure. This dream tells that that there’s still hope; you need to hold on.

The many challenges in your life are here for a season, they will soon end. In the meantime, use them as opportunities to discover your hidden skills and talents.

This is your chance to learn how best to come up with new options in the face of hardships.

#14 – Dream of Praying Loudly

You feel all alone in the wide world with no one to find out how you are faring on. This feeling may make you behave recklessly as you believe you’ve got nothing to lose.

Dreaming of praying loudly tells you that help is at hand. You are surrounded by people who can help you to feel better about your life.

You just need to be positively motivated to see these wonderful people.

#15 – Dream of Praying Out of Fear

Some negative experiences have stifled your ambitions. You no longer feel that you can accomplish anything.

Where you were once bubbly and full of excitement, you now look at your life as a lost cause.

This dreams calls on you to rise above this self-imposed state. You can yet live a full life if you re-ignite the fires of courage and determination.

You can scale the highest levels of success if your mind can conceive it.

#16 – Dream of Crying While Praying

Although this dream sounds ominous, its meaning is not. It indicates that you are on the right path to solving the problems that have been slowing you down.

Maximize the use of your abilities for best results. This, coupled with tons of patience, will get you the rewards you seek.

#17 – Dream of Praying as a Confession of Faith

Dreaming of praying the creed of your religion show your life is anchored in your spirituality. Everything in your life has a religious reference.

This means that you should take lots of care not to taint your soul. Otherwise, you’ll lose compass on the direction you should take in life.

#18 – Dream of Praying to Satan

You seem to be surrounded by problems everywhere you turn. You have even toyed with the idea of selling your soul to the devil by engaging in immoral and evil practices.

This dream warns you of what awaits you should you choose this path.

Your problems can be sorted by three simple things: a positive mindset, spiritual nourishment, and hard work.

This dream encourages you to concentrate on these things instead of seeing yourself a loser.

#19 – Dream of Praying at the Graveyard

This dream suggests that one phase of your life has come to an end, and you are about to embark on the next one.

This is a good time to shed off any habit that has not been helpful in the past. It’s time to replace your old thinking pattern with fresh ideas.

It time to turn your attention to spiritual natters as opposed to mundane ones.

#20 – Dream of a Priest Praying for You

This dream is a reflection on your desire to find peace and happiness. You know that the path to serenity starts with self-mastery.

This is a path you are willing to take because you know it leads to growth and prosperity.

Also, this dream tells you to create the right balance in your life. This is the key to inviting calmness and inner peace.

#21 – Dream of Praying for Your Boss or Colleague

Your happiness comes from seeing other people grow.

This dream indicates that you’ll go to great lengths to help your family, friends,a nd workmates to be the best they can be.

Yours is the helping hand that always reaches out to help the less fortunate. You can be sure that your kindness and compassion will attract handsome rewards.

#22 – Dream of Praying for Death to Take You

This dream indicates that you are going through a troubling period in your life. people that you have come to rely on in the past have plotted against you, and you feel betrayed and rejected.

This dreams encourages you to hold on to your faith, for it is darkest just before dawn.

#23 – Dream of Praying with a Rosary

This dream shows that you’ll succeed in your relationships and business engagements. You are happy with the plans you have laid for your future.

This kind of positivity will open doors of opportunities for you.


This dream is a message that you need to be fully self-aware. To achieve this, you should listen to your intuition and inner wisdom regularly.

Praying dreams indicate that the dreamer feels guilty about missed opportunities. This image has come in your sleep because you have been too busy pursuing the wrong ideals.

This should alert you to re-align your activities to your goals and dreams. Although you have been walking down the wrong path for long, it’s not too late to change direction.

Your praying dream is a symbol of hope and a positive life ahead.

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