Hearing Owls Meaning

Are you interested in Hearing Owls Symbolism? Then this guide is for you!

An owl has been given all kinds of attributes across different cultures.

While some people believe that this animal is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, others think of it as a harbinger of pain, suffering, and death.

The latter group is particularly concerned when an owl hoots near their homes, for this shows danger is close.

One thing that almost everyone agrees on is that the owl has the power of prophecy. As a spirit animal, it can tell what will happen in the future and often moves to warn people of danger ahead.

The owl is said to be in constant contact with the spiritual realm. As such, it is in a good position to pass information and knowledge between the physical and divine realms.

So, what does it mean when you hear the owl hoot?

How to Interpret Hearing an Owl Hooting


Hearing an owl hooting can have varied interpretations. The best way to get the meaning of this occurrence is to relate it to your individual situation and circumstances.

For example, where are you, what are you doing, and what does the owl’s hooting make you feel? You’ll discover that the owl is not just hooting for the sake of it.

An owl’s hoot is usually related to what we are going through, the issues we are dealing with, and our hopes and expectations about the future.

It has a bearing on our fears and doubts. As such, it is important that you put all these factors into consideration as you try to decipher what the owl is telling you.

Hidden Spiritual Meanings of Hearing an Owl Hoot

#1 – Hearing an Owl Hoot Near Your Home

Hearing an owl hoot near your home can be quite spooky. This is more so if owls are not very common in your area.

Hearing an owl hooting near your home means it has come to you with a special message from the spiritual realm.

Although this bird may spook you, there’s really nothing spooky about the message it brings. Owls normally hoot to attract the right mate.

Hearing this bird hoot near your home is a sign that your spirit guides want you to pay close attention to your love life.

Likely, something is not right in some aspects of your relationship, and you may not be aware of it. The owl hoots to alert you to take quick remedial action before things move from bad to worse.

#2 – Hearing an Owl Hoot at You

Hearing an owl can cause some discomfort. But, why is the owl hooting at you? It’s because you need an infusion of special energies from the Universe.

Your divine guides want you to know that the journey ahead is not an easy one. Now more than ever, you need to maintain a close relationship with your dead loved ones and your angels.

Hearing an owl hooting at you indicates that the Universe is shielding you with protective energy. At the same time, it alerts you to be wary of the toxic people around you.

Set your boundaries right so that undesirable people don’t gain access to your most valuable spiritual and material possession.

When you hear an owl hooting at you, start the process of activating your psychic energy. It is time to awaken your intuition.

#3 – Hearing an Owl Hoot in the Morning

When darkness disappears and morning comes, the land is filled with light, hope, and joy. Mornings are spiritually associated with goodness and justice.

Owls are known as night birds because they are most active during the night. When you hear an owl hoot in the morning, something extraordinary is about to happen in your life.

Whatever that’s coming your way could be either positive or negative. What’s definite is that it will have a huge impact on the way you run your life.

Your angels want you to take charge of the situation. Whatever happens, you’ll be able to remain on top of things if you are motivated by a positive mindset.

The presence of the owl assures you of divine guidance as you deal with the changes that will come your way.

#4 – Hearing an Owl Hooting During the Day

It’s hard to see or hear owls during the day; they are creatures of the night. Hearing an owl during the day means you are lucky.

This sign brings good news your way. If there’s a project whose fate you were not sure about, this owl wants you to know that everything will turn out alright.

Hearing an owl hoot during the day is a sure sign that positive energies from the Universe have located you.

You are on the right path to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

#5 – Hearing an Owl Hoot at Night

Owls are mystical birds of the night. As soon as darkness sets in, owls start a flurry of activities that continues until dawn.

Hearing an owl hoot at night has quite a number of superstitions attached to it. Most people believe that it is a bad omen to hear an owl hooting at this time.

It is a sign of pain, suffering, disease, and death.

#6 – Hearing an Owl During the’ Witching Hour’

The hours between 2 am and 4 am are known as the witching hour. It is believed that witches’ covens meet at this time to plan and execute their ghoulish activities.

If you hear an owl hooting at this time, it means the message it bears is specifically meant for you. This is because, in all likelihood, there’s no one else around to hear the owl.

The hooting of the owl indicates that someone from the netherworld wants to communicate with you.

Take care, however, that this is not the work of the evil dead trying to lure you into their schemes. Listen keenly to your intuition during this time.

#7 – Hearing an Owl Hoot Outside Your Window

This means that your spiritual energies are fully activated. This is a good time to make your hopes and wishes known to your heavenly attendants.

Hearing an owl hooting outside your window alerts you that you are swimming in an ocean of spiritual energy.

#8 – Hearing Two Owls Hooting

This is a sign that an issue in your life requires immediate attention. You need to move with speed and take care of things before they start falling apart.

Additionally, hearing two owls hooting indicates great changes headed your way. Get ready to move with the flow of life, for this is the only way to effectively handle change.

#9 – Hearing Three or More Owls Hooting

This is a sign that more than one spiritual entity is trying to contact you from the world of the dead. If you have lost three or more friends or relatives, it could be they want to make contact with you.

This also means that something major is about to happen in your life – this is likely to create a big impact on the way you go about your endeavors.

Common Interpretations of Hearing an Owl Hooting

Hearing an Owl Hooting Roman Beliefs

Romans associated the hooting of owls with bad weather, disease, suffering, and death.

It is believed that the owl’s hoot predicated the death of great figures in Roman history – the likes of Julius, Caesar, Augustus Aurelius, and Agrippa.

In the ancient Empire, dishonest servants would collude with enemies to place owl feathers in strategic places in someone’s home.

This would effectively destabilize the entire family.

Hearing an Owl Hooting Greek Beliefs

Owls were closely associated with Athena, the goddess of learning, knowledge, and wisdom. As such, the Greeks believed that hearing an owl hoot would bring good luck and fortune.

Hearing an Owl Hooting African Beliefs

In Africa, owls were closely associated with witches, sorcerers, and night runners.

It was believed that these people would shape shift into owls during the night to spread negative energies in the community.

Hearing an owl hooting in the neighborhood was a bad omen. It portended pain, suffering, famine, and death.

Hearing an Owl Hooting Native American Beliefs

Different tribes looked at owls differently. In most cases, hearing an owl hooting was looked at in negative light.

For example, the Cherokee and the Apache believed that owls hoot to pass a message of bad luck and death.

Most of the Native American tribes associated owls with witches and other evil forces.

Hearing an Owl Hooting Chinese Beliefs

In ancient China, hearing an owl hoot near a homestead was enough to get the people to start digging a grave.

The owl’s hooting near home was associated with fatal illnesses. Hearing the owl hoot elsewhere was a sign of misfortune.

Hearing an Owl Hooting Arabic Beliefs

Arabs take the hooting of the owl as an evil omen. It is believed that this bird brought evil spirits that would cause inexplicable diseases in children.

Hearing an Owl Hooting Hindu Beliefs

The Hindu interpretation of the owl’s hoot depended on the number of hoots.

  • One hoot indicated death
  • Two hoots – success in business
  • Three hoots – family expansion
  • Four hoots – chaos in the family
  • Five hoots – travel by sea or air
  • Six hoots – a visit from long-lost friends or relatives
  • Seven hoots – emotional turmoil

Final Thoughts…

Whenever you hear an owl hooting, know there’s a spiritual significance to this. It is not by coincidence that the owl hoots where you hear it.

Although it may seem like happenchance, it is synchronicity at work. The Universe is trying to communicate something totally unrelated to the owl.

Hearing an owl hoot is a sign of support and guidance from the spirit world.

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