Swimming in Dirty Water Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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You dream of swimming in dirty water because of your deep-seated need for spiritual cleansing.

This dream calls on you to get rid of anything that prevents you from fulfilling your divine life purpose.

Dreaming of swimming in dirty water is related to your desire to get away from all the pain and suffering of your past.

Likely, some events happened in your life that forced you to behave in a manner contrary to your nature.

You have been feeling guilty about this, and you desire to disassociate yourself from your past actions as much as possible.

This dream also indicates a significant loss. It shows that you have somewhat compromised your innocence and purity, and that you need redemption.

Here’s a look at some common swimming in dirty water dreams and their meanings:


Some Specific Swimming in Dirty Water Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Swimming in Dirty Water

This is a sign that you have been thinking more and more of the state of your soul. You are in that stage of life where your spiritual nourishment is important.

This means that you spend more time in deep introspection looking for a spiritual breakthrough.

Having this dream indicates that you truly want to find out who you are and what your true purpose in this life is.

Seeing yourself swimming in dirty waters in your dreams indicates your desire to live a meaningful life.

#2 – Dream of Swimming in Sewage Water

Are you sure that you operate in the right environment? How well do you know your friends and the people you hang around with?

This dream suggests that you are surrounded by too much toxicity. You need to do something to liberate yourself from this.

#3 – Dream of Swimming in Dirty Water to Save a Life

This is a sign that you’ve seen the need to play a more active role in someone’s life. For example, you’ve realized that you can help your partner, sibling, or child to change for the better.

You have a strong desire to help them actualize their goals and plans. To achieve this, you must understand the confusion in their life to show them the way out.

#4 – Dream of Swimming Alongside a Stranger in Dirty Water

This dream suggests that there’s someone you look up to in your life. Don’t forget to consult this person whenever you feel lost or confused.

We all need mentors and peer guides at some point in our lives. Whenever you feel that things are not going according to plan, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Someone in your life is ready to give you the advice and guidance you need to excel.

#5 – Dream of Swimming in a Dirty Pool

You are surrounded by troubles and problems that you can easily deal with if you paid more attention to them.

Likely, you are paying too much attention to non-issues, living the most important aspects of your life unattended.

This dream indicates that your cavalier attitude could lead to more trouble.

#6 – Dream of Being Unable to Swim in Dirty Water

In this dream, you see yourself drowning in dirty water despite your best efforts to save yourself. This is a sign that something is going terribly wrong in your waking life.

You need to get in touch with the realities of your life. This is a good time to take stock of your thoughts and feelings.

Can you put a finger on the source of your problem? How best do you deal with it to avert a calamity (drowning)?

#7 – Dream of Swimming Naked in Dirty Water

Your conduct and attitude are exposing you to ridicule. People are starting to avoid you because they think you are making a spectacle of yourself.

Close friends are beginning to think of you as an embarrassment. They’ll come up with all kinds of to avoid you.

This dream alerts you that you need to change your ways. You are fast losing your popularity because you have chosen the wrong path.

#8 – Dream of Swimming in a Dirty Pond

Are you going through a period of trials and temptations? Do you feel that there’s trouble everywhere you look?

This is a sign that negative emotions from your past won’t give you rest. They seem to get in the way of your every plan and objective.

Having this dream tells you it’s high time you dealt with these distractions, once and for all.

#9 – Dream of Swimming in Dirty Stagnant Water

This dream reminds you that life is not a bed of roses. To get to your desired goals and dreams, you’ll have to contend with lots of obstacles and difficult situations.

The dirty pond in your dream represents bad energy and vague situations. It calls on you to deal with these challenges before they blow out of proportion.

Failure to tackle these problems in good time may lead to stagnation.

#10 – Dream of Swimming in Dirty Sea Water

Do you feel guilty about something you did against your community? Are you involved in some activities that pose a danger to the safety and security of your neighbors?

This dream calls on you to reconsider your thoughts and actions if they pose a threat to those you come into contact with.

You have a sacred duty to mind other people’s welfare even as you go about your daily activities. Your gain should not cause another person pain.

#11 – Dream of Swimming in Flowing Dirty Water

Flowing Dirty water carries with it a lot of trash. This image stands for what happens when you choose the wrong path.

If you insist on sticking on a path not meant for you, it means you’ll encounter a lot of difficulties. You’ll be working hard with nothing to show for your effort.

So; until you get yourself out of the dirty water, your goals and dreams will remain a mirage.

#12 – Dream of Swimming in Muddy Water

This is a sign of insecurity and instability. You feel that your life is seriously out of balance, and you can’t seem to concentrate on any one thing.

You need to put your finger on the origin of this conflict in your life. This dream calls on you to get a grip on your life.

Fight to get a clear bearing of your life.

#13 – Dream of Swimming in Contaminated Water

If you dream of swimming in water filled with unknown waste, someone has impure intentions towards you.

The unfortunate bit is that this is someone you interact with regularly. They have the time and opportunity to learn your ways and get acquainted with your plans.

They intend to use this knowledge to stifle your growth and progress. This dream suggests that you need to be very wary of the kind of people you keep around you.

#14 – Dream of Swimming in Water Contaminated with Nuclear Materials

Nuclear waste is classified as extremely hazardous materials. Dreaming of swimming in this waste means that your life is thoroughly compromised.

Your spiritual enemy has found an open backdoor into your life, and you need to do something before it’s too late.

This dream calls on you to fortify your beliefs. This is a good time to create a strong connection with your divine guides.

#15 – Dream of Swimming in Water Contaminated with Agrochemicals

The very people you have come to love and depend on are turning their back against you. Instead of being your source of inspiration, they have become the source of your pain.

You need to find out the cause of this. What’s tearing away your benefactors from your life? It is that you have started behaving suspiciously?

Or; could it be that you actually never had the right people on your side, to start with?

#16 – Dream of Swimming in Dirty Flood Water

Although a lot of things happening in your life have caught you unawares, don’t resign yourself to fate.

You are powerful enough to determine your reactions to what’s going on in your life. Never allow the situations you are going through to dampen your fighting spirit.

Having this dream is a sign that you have what it takes to rise above your circumstances.

#17 – Dream of Swimming Fast in Dirty Water

Your efforts do matter. This dream encourages you to keep working hard; this attracts the kind of energy you desire to see.

Also, this dream encourages you to focus on what you want to achieve in this life. Your desires will come true if you work towards them with an unwavering purpose of mind.

#18 – Dream of Swimming Slowly in Dirty Water

Your refusal to heed the advice of your mentors and elders is tantamount to courting danger.

This dream warns you of the disappointment, pain, and suffering to follow unless you correct your errors.

Your mentors have been placed in your life path for a reason. Seek advice and guidance from them to focus on the key aspects of your life.


To fully appreciate the meaning of a dream of swimming in dirty water, you need to understand its origin.

What emotions do you get during or immediately after this dream? Is this dream telling you to get rid of certain emotions and attitudes?

Having this dream indicates that your subconscious is trying to gain expression in your waking life.

It is also a sign that your spirituality is unfolding. As you sleep, your spiritual body continues to express itself in the astral dimension.

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