Fighting Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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As a dream symbol, fighting is quite common. It can be quite disturbing when you dream that you are fighting someone.

Equally disturbing are dreams where you witness a fight involving two or more people. These dreams usually point out to some things that are preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams.

A fighting dream can also draw attention to some real-life conflict that you are going through.

This dream could be a pointer to a conflict you are experiencing with someone in your waking life. This is more so if the person you are fighting with in the dream is known to you.

Whatever the case, the correct interpretation of a fighting dream depends on the details involved and the content of the dream itself.


Here’s a look at some common fighting dreams and their meanings:

Some Specific Fighting Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Fighting with a Known Person

This dream bears both good and bad meanings.

Likely, you desire to have a deeper personal or professional relationship with this person that will lead to growth and progress for both of you.

This is a good thing. You just need to know how to go about it.

It could also mean that you feel offended by this person and you are looking for the first available opportunity to hit back.

#2 – Dream of Fighting with an Unknown Person

This is a sign that you are going through conflicts in certain areas of your life. It could be that some things are changing, and you are finding it hard to accept these changes.

#3 – Dream of Fighting for Survival

To dream of fighting to stay alive is a sign of looming loss. You are likely to encounter some major challenges in your health, finances, and relationships.

#4 – Dream of Fighting with Your Mother

This is a sign that there are some unresolved issues between you and your mother.

It’s important that your reach out to your mother to find out how she’s doing, and whether there are any issues that you need to handle together.

#5 – Dream of Fighting with Your Father

This dream has two meanings. One, you feel an overbearing presence in your life. It seems that there’s something or someone that has intruded into your life.

Two, you crave peace, stability, and security in your life. You feel fragile and vulnerable, and you’d like some form of protection.

#6 – Dream of Seeing a Woman Fighting

This is a bad sign, as it shows that you are not very concerned about your wellbeing. You have likely been running around helping others but forgetting to take care of yourself.

You need to check out this before you suffer burnout.

#7 – Dream of Seeing Men Fighting

This dream shows that some of your friends are too pushy. They want you to pay more attention to their agendas at the expense of your own.

Keep your eyes peeled for false friends in your circles.

#8 – Dream of a Child Fighting

This dream reminds you to listen to your conscience. You have likely caused a lot of grief and pain to others through your thoughtless actions.

It is time to start making amends.

#9 – Dream of Fighting for a Friend

This is a sign that someone close to you could be experiencing some hard times. This dream encourages you to reach out to find out how your friends and loved ones are doing.

#10 – Dream of Fighting with a Relative

This dream tells you to work on your family relationships. It seems that things are not so good in your family.

In all likelihood, you have been too absent from your loved ones. They crave your attention but you are hardly around when they need you.

This sign asks you to create more time for your family and loved ones.

#11 – Dream of Fighting the Air

This dream indicates that you have moments of self-doubt. You wonder whether you like will ever amount to anything.

This is okay. It shows that you are looking for solutions to your problems. This dream encourages you to take positive action concerning your life.

#12 – Dream of Quarreling without Fighting

This is a sign of internal conflicts. Likely, you are finding it tough trying to get solutions to some of your problems in life.

This dream encourages you to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom for the solutions you seek.

#13 – Dream of Fighting with an Acquaintance

The projects you have been working on will soon bear fruit. This dream encourages you not to lose focus on your goals and dreams.

#14 – Dream of Seeing Your Acquaintances Fighting

This dream is a good sign, for it shows that the dreams you have about your future are valid. This tells you to go ahead and get your life well organized.

#15 – Dream of Seeing Friends Fighting

This dream asks you to use your skills and talents to bring peace and harmony to your community. You are a good communicator and negotiator.

With these skills, you can accomplish a lot of good things.

#16 – Dream of Seeing a Fight Between Strangers

You feel that people are meddling in your life, and this is slowing down your progress. This kind of dream urges you to take charge of your life.

You must always remember that your future is in your hands.

#17 – Dream of Being Unable to Stop a Fight

Your subconscious is urging you to take the initiative concerning your life. For some time now, you have watched your life pass by.

You have missed a number of opportunities because of this attitude. You have to be more proactive where your life is concerned.

#18 – Dream of Fighting with Your Sibling

This is a bad sign, for it indicates that you will experience some turbulence in your family relationships.

It could also indicate that you have some unsolved issues with the sibling in question. You need to mend fences before it is too late.

#19 – Dream of Fighting with your Romantic Partner

This dream indicates that the time is ripe to take your relationship to the next level. The bonds you share with your partner are becoming stronger.

#20 – Dream of Dying in a Fight

This dream has nothing to do with your actual death. Rather, it asks you not to allow the challenges in your life to overwhelm you.

Likely, you have refused to deal with the issues that are bothering you. It’s time you faced them head-on as this is the key to your progress.

#21 – Dream of Killing People in a Fight

Although this dream looks negative on the surface, it is actually a positive one. It is a sign that you are determined to overcome your hardships and tribulations.

You have decided to do away with old habits to create room for new ones.

#22 – Dream of Fighting with an Important Person

This dream shows that your callous and aggressive nature towards other people is messing up your life.

This is a sign that you need to change your behavior if you really care about the people in your life.

#23 – Dream of Fighting with Unimportant Person

This is a good sign, for it indicates that you will soon receive some good news concerning your plans and projects.

It could also mean that your spouse or romantic partner will receive some good tidings about their professional growth.

#24 – Dream of a Fighting Dog

This is a warning concerning some business dealings you are involved in. Someone is not sincere as they want to take advantage of your trust to swindle you.

They paint the picture of a dog – obedient and friendly, but very nasty during a fight. Keep your eyes peeled as you sign those contracts.

Conduct all due diligence before you agree to a deal.

#25 – Dream of Bleeding in a Fight

This dream tells you that you are likely to be betrayed by a close friend. It is a sign of infidelity and back-stabbing.

Keep your mental eyes open, for you will soon find out who your true enemy is.

#26 – Dream of Losing a Fight

This dream indicates that you will soon come up against some tough challenges. You have likely made some bad decisions in the past that are forcing you down this road.

All the same, it is never too late to turn your life around.

#27 – Dream of Breaking Someone’s Fight

This dream draws attention to the fact that you have an important role to play in your community. It encourages you to use your natural gifts to make your world a better place.

#28 – Dream of Witnessing a Fight

This dream encourages you to live your life on your own terms. You are free to craft your own path and determine your future.

#29 – Dream of Fighting with Demons

This is a sign that you are trying to get rid of the negative influences from your past. It could be that you have been fighting with addiction and other bad habits.

This dream encourages you to keep going strong, you can make it.

#30 – Dream of Fighting with Zombies

This dream points to your lack of interest in your relationships and most things in life. You need to do something about this before your life starts on a downward spiral.

Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom for guidance.

#31 – Dream of Fighting Someone in a Duel

You will soon experience some short-term problems in your relationship or at work. You must be keen to solve these issues as soon as they occur, lest they become bigger and more difficult.

#32 – Dream of Young Person Fighting an Older Person

A dream that shows a young person fighting an older one brings to the fore your opposition to certain elements of authority.

It could be that you are struggling to accept the influence of someone or some institution over your life.


How do you handle the problems you encounter in the course of your daily undertakings? This is what the fighting dream is drawing attention towards.

This dream often wants you to appreciate your hidden strengths and talents. It is a pointer to your abilities to deal with your challenges.

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