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As one of the Earth’s two luminary bodies, the Moon is perceived to be more demure, softer, and more feminine vs. the Sun.

It’s not uncommon for people to dream about the moon. When this happens to you, you need to consider a few things to correctly interpret its meaning.

For example, you need to take into account the type of moon in your dreams. You should also consider the time and the place.

Equally important, you need to consider other characters involved in the dreams. Also, take into account the activities you were doing during the dream.


What’s the General Meaning of Moon Dreams?

In many cultures across the world, the moon is a symbol of emotional fulfillment, moodiness, and happiness.

There’s no way you can delink the image of the moon from its emotional attachments.

In astrology, the moon has a huge impact on your emotions and conduct. It is largely responsible for some of the behaviors you exhibit as you go about your activities.

The moon is responsible for the huge tidal waves we see in our oceans and seas. This means that this celestial body has a huge affinity for water.

Your body is made up of mostly water. This means that you will feel the effect of the moon in your life in many ways.

This effect is intensified when you dream about the moon.

Dreaming of the moon indicates an intensification of emotions and energy. This dream brings to the surface your deep-hidden feelings.

It puts you in touch with the feminine and unconscious feelings of your personality. This dream encourages you to accept yourself as you are.

At the same time, dreaming of the moon may indicate the state of your body and mind.

It draws attention to the things you are going through and what you can do to make your life better.


Some Specific Moon Dream Meanings

#1 – Dream of Full Moon

This dream indicates that you are on the right course to attracting good luck and good fortune. This should encourage you to maintain the current trajectory.

Before long, you will invite the energies of wealth and prosperity into your life.

#2 – Dream of Crescent Moon

This is a sign of healing and recovery. Likely, you have encountered some form of failure, pain, and disappointment in the recent past.

This dream indicates cyclic adjustments and revival. It shows that with the right effort, you will sail smoothly on the journey to your future.

#3 – Dream of Lunar Eclipse

This can mean one of two things. First; some hidden aspects about your life are gradually being revealed.

You need to get ready for what’s to follow.

Second; this dream means that your feminine side is being eclipsed.

#4 – Dream of Two Moons

This dream shows that you are at a crossroads. You are in a dilemma, and you feel confused about how you should proceed.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support from your mentor, friends, and family.

#5 – Dream of Three Moons

Something is negatively affecting your love life and you don’t know how to proceed. You need to do something about this uncertainty before it wrecks your relationship.

This dream could also mean that you need to put things in order at your workplace.

#6 – Dream of the Sun and the Moon

This is one of the strongest moon dreams you can receive. It draws attention to your skills and talents. This dream tells you that you are selling yourself short by failing to use your talents.

Also, this is a sign that you need to create the right balance in your life. In this dream, the conscious and the subconscious are in perfect balance.

#7 – Dream of Touching the Moon

If you are just about to touch the moon in this dream, it means that you need to keep working hard for what you believe in.

If you actually manage to touch the moon, it means that you will soon live the good life. You have been persistent in doing things in the right way – and this will soon pay off handsomely.

This dream indicates that you have such high standards that few people can match your style.

#8 – Dream of a Growing Moon

This sign shows that things will improve on the romantic front. If you have been searching for a love partner, this dream alerts you that something good is in the offing.

#9 – Dream of a Huge Moon

If you dream of a huge moon hanging in the sky, you need to pay more attention to your love department.

There could be trouble brewing in your relationship. This is your cue to take action to stem any misunderstandings, conflicts, and quarrels.

#10 – Dream of Reflection of Moon in the Water

This is a sign that you need to tend to your spiritual needs. Likely, you have spent too much time and energy in the pursuit of material needs.

It’s time you paid more attention to your spirituality.

#11 – Dream of Alien Moon Landing

If you dream of aliens invading the moon, it means that you are about to expand your professional boundaries.

However, you feel apprehensive about this move. This is a good time to seek support from your peers and like-minded individuals.

#12 – Dream of Destruction of the Moon

If the moon collides with another celestial body and explodes in your dreams, this is a warning. This dream indicates that you are not taking care of your needs.

Likely, certain aspects of your life are out of control. It could be that you are reeling under the effect of addiction or such other compulsive behavior.

You need to do something about this before you self-destruct.

#13 – Dream of the Moon and the Stars

This dream appeals to your imaginative side. It calls on you to use your creativity to make your life and the lives of your loved ones better.


#14 – Dream of the Moon Misbehaving

In your dream, the moon may start acting in unexpected ways. It may keep expanding through its various stages for no apparent reason.

This is a sign that change is in the air. You are being prepared to welcome change into your life.

If you have been looking to transform certain aspects of your life, this dream gives you the green light.

#15 – Dreams of a Waning Moon

This indicates that you are losing your influence or power. This dream encourages you to take the measures to re-establish yourself as an authority.

#16 – Dream of Dancing in the Moonlight

This dream indicates that your relationship is expanding. You are looking for ways to spice up your love life.

You need to work closely with your partner to achieve this.

#17 – Dream of Talking to the Moon

This is a sign that something positive will soon happen in your relationship. If you are looking to get married, this is the time to make your move.

#18 – Dream of Seeing a Red Moon

This dream serves as a warning.

It asks you to tread carefully where money matters are concerned. One wrong move could make you lose your hard-earned money.

#19 – Dream of a Flying Moon

This dream draws attention to your high aspirations. It encourages you to keep going strong towards your goals and dreams.

When you dream of a flying moon, it is an affirmation that your dreams are valid.

What’s the Spiritual Interpretation of Moon Dreams?

Spiritually, dreaming of the moon indicates that you need to get in touch with your emotions.

You need to rein-in on the unknown and dark side of yourself.

This dream shows that you are under the influence of the goddess of beauty. As such, you’ll be able to resolve any issues related to your love life.

A moon dream tells you that your goals and reachable. This should encourage you to keep working hard for what you believe in.

At the same time, this dream symbolizes beauty and purity. You need to exude these qualities in your marriage or love relationship.

If you are single and searching, you should use exude purity and beauty to attract the right kind of partner.

Generally speaking, a moon dream means joy and happiness.

What’s the Hidden Meaning of Moon Dreams?

As a luminary body, the moon is most noticeable at night. It appears in the twilight hours to give the dark night its beauty and much-needed light.

The moon can also be seen during the day. This means that it is ever-present; sitting in the sky like a faithful servant.

When this body visits you in your dreams, it helps you to bring to the fore some of the secrets in your life.

Dreaming of the moon helps you to get a better understanding of who you are, your motivations, and what you desire to achieve in life.

It helps you to have a clear understanding of the hidden side of your personality.

The moon dream helps you to realize that you have a feminine, romantic, sensitive, and emotional side to your personality.


There’s a special significance if you reach out and touch the moon in your dream. Touching the moon shows that you hold yourself to a high standard.

This means that you are not likely to settle for mediocrity.

There’s a special meaning if you see yourself flying in your dream to the moon. This indicates that you are trying to run away from your duties and responsibilities.

To correctly interpret the moon dream, you need to relate it to your special circumstances. You will discover that this dream holds a special message for you.

Of course, each dream should be interpreted based on its unique details.

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