White Dove Symbolism & Meaning (+ Spirit, Totem & Omens)

Are you interested in the White Dove Spirit Animal? Then this guide is for you!

The world over, white doves are used as symbols of love and peace. These are two important spiritual concepts that the dove spirit animal teaches you to apply wherever you go.

The white dove features prominently in many cultures as a symbol of reconciliation, love, and harmony.

You’ll find this symbolism in art, religion, sports, and many other areas of human interaction.

It is a powerful symbol of tolerance among people of different cultures and orientations. When this spirit guide appears in your life, it wants you to create harmony in your world.

What’s the White Dove’s Meaning and Symbolism?


Symbol of Purity and Innocence

White doves symbolize purity and innocence. This probably arises from their calm natures and peaceful demeanors.

Also, these birds are not characteristically violent. Rarely will you find a white dove killing or eating another animal.

This is a powerful lesson on peaceful co-existence among humans.

Symbol of Peace and Harmony

On the international scene, a white dove holding an olive branch is taken to be a symbol of peace and harmony.

Globally, white doves are accepted to signal the cessation of hostilities. When this spirit guide comes into your life, it wants you to find peace and harmony with yourself and your neighbors.

Symbol of Love, Faith, and Devotion

The white dove represents some of the stellar qualities practiced in the major religions of the world. This spirit animal teaches you the importance of being devoted to your faith and the Higher Power.

In Christianity, white doves teach us to love one another just like God so loved the world that He sent Jesus as a sacrifice for man’s sins.

Symbol of Faithfulness and Fidelity

The white dove spirit animal teaches you important lessons about being faithful to your partner. You see, these birds stick to one partner for life.

They are one of the very few species in the avian world to do everything together with their partner. They have babies together, build nests together, and migrate as a couple.

This is an important lesson that we can all apply in our lives.

Symbolic Meaning of White Dove Spirit Animal in Various Cultures

White Dove Symbolism in Christian Culture

The symbolic importance of the white dove originated with Christianity.

The Bible records that after the Great Flood had ravaged the earth for 40 days and 40 nights, Noah sent out a raven to find out if the water has sufficiently receded.

The raven never returned but kept flying back and forth, never bringing back a report to the Ark.

Noah then decided to send out a white dove, who returned almost immediately empty-handed. After some time, he send the white dove again.

This time around, the bird came holding an olive branch on its beak – a sign that the land was finally dry.

The olive branch was also a sign that God had forgiven humans for their transgressions, and that He’d never again destroy the world with flood waters of such catastrophic magnitudes.

Ever since, Christians have taken the image of the white dove with an olive branch to indicate God’s grace and undying love.

It is also a sign of peace and love among adherents of the Christian faith.

White Dove Symbolism in Native American Culture

According to the Native Americans, white doves were the first animals to live with humans. As such, it is believed that their fate is intertwined with that of humans.

Native Americans understand the white dove symbolism to mean fertility, life, and regeneration. This bird is also closely associated with the nurturing powers of the Great Goddess.

The North American landscape has many doves, and each of them has something of value to add to the community.

While the red dove is taken to be the ruler of other doves, the white dove is the peacemaker. It is believed that most doves coexist peacefully because of the influence of the white dove.

Native Americans also associated white doves with the forgiving and pacifying powers of the Great Spirit.

It was believed that if one wronged the spirits, one could invoke the white dove spirit guide for intervention.

This meek, innocent, simple yet wise bird could entreaty the spirits to forgive even the worst of sins.

The Native American tribes that practiced monogamy looked to the white dove for inspiration. Since this bird sticks with one mate for life, it taught them that one could have one partner and be happy.

The white dove symbolism also emphasizes their purity and innocence. For this reason, they were often chosen for sacrifice to the deities during important rituals.

White Dove Symbolism in Celtic Culture

Poets and lovers of poetry in ancient Celtic culture looked to the white dove for inspiration. They believed that this bird cleared the mind and cleansed the heart to understand the subtleties of poetry.

In Ireland, the white dove is taken to be an embodiment of God’s love and care.

This symbol and its meaning have been maintained to date, and you’ll find it adorning the walls and glass windows of many cathedrals and other places of worship.

The white dove is also associated with many Celtic Saints. For example, Saint David, the Welsh Bishop of Mynyw, is usually depicted with a white dove perched on his shoulder.

Myth has it that this dove settled on his shoulders as he addressed a special congregation of bishops.

His association with the white dove also stems from the work of peace, faith, and love he did as he established religious settlements in Brittany, Wales, and southwest England.

The ancient Celts believed that a white dove would accompany a deity on a mission to deliver good news to humans.

If the deity was on a destructive mission, they would be accompanied by the black or red dove.

White Dove Symbolism in Eastern Culture

In Hinduism, Kamadeva, the God of love, is said to ride on a white dove.

While some texts depict that he rides through the cloud on parrot chariots, it is widely believed that Kamadeva prefers white doves because of their close association with peace, love, and desire.

Among the Japanese, doves are said to guide Hachiman, the god of the samurais. Different doves play different roles here.

There are those that advise Hachiman on when to wage war and others that suggest tactical manoeuvers he can employ on the battlefield.

The white dove guides this god on when to negotiate for peace and cease hostilities. Myth has it that a white dove advised Japanese Emperor Hirohito to announce the surrender of Japan in WWII.

A few days later General Yoshijiro Umezu signed the instruments of surrender, effectively pulling Japan out of the war.

White Dove Symbolism in Aztec Culture

The white dove symbolism in the Aztec culture comes from its close connection to the goddess of beauty and love, Xochiquetzal.

This deity is said to spread all kinds of love to humanity. She is responsible for erotic love, love in the family, and love among members of the community.

Myth has it that Xochiquetzal used to dispatch white doves into the land to find out where her services were needed most.

These doves would take back the people’s prayers and supplications. The goddess would respond by fulfilling their needs for beauty, love, desires, and family needs.

The Aztecs believed that Xochiquetzal first arrived on earth after that Great Flood accompanied by many flocks of doves.

At the head of this entourage were the white doves, a clear indication that this deity was here to spread love and peace.

When the White Dove is Your Spirit Animal

Has the white dove spirit animal located you? You’ll know if you feel a special connection with this bird.

The spirit of the white dove calls on you to work for peace and harmony. It reminds you that your thoughts have power.

If you think good of yourself and others, a lot of good things will manifest in your life.

The white dove spirit animal understands it is not easy to be kind and gentle in the current world. But, neither is it impossible.

This spirit guide asks you to stand out from the crowd by upholding the virtues that enhance the well-being of humanity.

The white dove spirit animal asks you to stay close to your family, friends, and loved ones. Show them the love they need to achieve their full potential.

Otherwise, how will you achieve your goals in the larger community if you neglect your closest and dearest?

The White Dove Power Animal

As your power animal, the white dove can empower you with its stellar qualities. This power guide wants you to transform all areas of your life to achieve your dreams.

The white dove power animal asks you to move through life guided by love. You will achieve a lot by using love and spreading peace rather than using dubious means.

People will be more responsive and respectful when they see you want nothing but the best for them. Love conquers even the hardest of hearts.

The white dove power animal teaches you to work for win-win resolutions in any conflict. This is particularly applicable in your relationship should you find yourself at loggerheads with your mate.

If you are looking for a life partner, this power guide can come in very handy. It will help you open your eyes to the possibilities in your life to have the best kind of relationship.

The White Dove Totem Animal

The white dove totem comes into your life to give you the peace and joy you crave. Perhaps, you have been alone and loveless for some time.

Although you may be surrounded by people, you feel lost and confused; no one seems to understand you.

The white dove totem animal wants you to know that you deserve to be happy. Regardless of your current situation, you should not give up on your endeavors.

This spirit guide will share with you the love you need to calm your heart. You will realize that your inner peace and happiness cannot be exchanged for anything else.

Additionally, the white dove totem will sort you out when you suffer for your innocence. You’ll appreciate that suffering does not last forever.

No matter how bad things are, tomorrow will definitely be brighter.

White Dove Encounters and Omens

Any time you see this white bird, take it as a message of peace, love, and contentment. This spirit guide wants nothing else but for everyone to live in harmony with themselves and each other.

An encounter with a white dove, therefore, asks you to seek meaningful connections with those around you.

It is a reminder that you will go far and achieve a lot when you collaborate with others.

Seeing a white dove should remind you that you are an agent of peace. This tells you to take proactive measures to diffuse the crises you find yourself in.

Be the leader you were born to be. You’ll discover that most people are inclined towards peace – they fight among themselves only because they lack guidance.

The theme of peace and love conveyed by the white dove should start in your family. This will motivate you to spread this love further afield to the world.

White Dove Tattoo Meaning

The tattoo of a white dove indicates peace. It is a sign of your commitment to living well with your neighbors and colleagues.

This tattoo could also be a sign of victory. Perhaps, you have been battling something in your life, and you have finally overcome it.

A white dove tattoo could also be an expression of your faith and devotion. It tells the world that you have a close connection to your religion and its doctrines.

A tattoo of a white dove with an olive branch indicates God’s undying love and grace. It shows you are grateful for the good things your Higher Power is doing for you.

The tattoo of a white dove with an olive branch could also be a sign that you are campaigning for the cessation of hostilities.

You want all the warring parties in a particular conflict to give dialogue and peace a chance.

People with a white dove tattoo have accepted themselves. They have a desire to find and maintain inner peace all the days of their lives.

Overall, a white dove tattoo shows you are sending tranquility and positive vibes to the world.

What’s the Meaning of White Dove Dreams?

Dreaming of a flying white dove indicates growth and progress. This dream should encourage you to keep pursuing your endeavors; they will produce the results you seek.

Dreaming of a white dove perched on your roof indicates good tidings for you and your family. An issue you have been struggling with will soon be resolved.

To dream of a white dove flying away from you means you have to focus on creating inner peace. It seems you have been distracted for some time, and you are not paying attention to the important things in your life.

Did you dream of a white dove walking toward you? This is a sign that the overtures of peace and love you have been making towards someone will work in your favor.

Dreaming of an injured or dead white dove indicates a threat to your peace and happiness. It could be that someone or something will negatively affect your health, family, relationships, or career.

To dream of a dove with an olive branch draws attention to your spiritual needs. When was the last time you have a one-on-one with your Higher Power? Consider taking up spiritual practices that uplift your faith.

Dreaming of a white dove perching on your shoulder, arm, or head indicates you have an important mission to carry out in your community.

This dream encourages you to get in touch with your divine life purpose.

Final Thoughts…

Do you feel attracted to the white dove symbolism? This is because the white dove is your spirit animal.

This spirit guide keeps coming your way to encourage you to develop your spirituality.

When you look deeper into the white dove symbolism, you’ll realize it has many spiritual meanings you can apply in your life.

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