Dream Interpretation Guide

Since ancient times, people have analyzed their dreams to decipher divine messages. Through dreams interpretation, they sought guidance for making the best life choices.

Nowadays, everything is still the same. Explore the symbols’ psychological and mystical meanings in your dreams, and you will get great intuitive insights.


What is a Dream?

Dreams are a sensory experience created by our minds when we sleep. Even if you don’t always remember your dreams, you most likely have several dreams per night.

Dreams occur in one of the sleep phases, called REM (Rapid Eye Movement), and they usually last between 5 and 20 minutes.

And dreams help us process emotional life experiences and organize the information gathered when awake.

We all have different dreams. They can be colorful or black and white, extraordinarily dynamic and intense or static and peaceful, recurring over a long period of once-off and quickly forgotten.

But as you probably expect, there’s more to dreams than this…

Do Our Dreams Have Meaning?

It is believed that during our sleep, we have an open communication channel with our Higher Self and the Universe. And thus, we can receive valuable guidance.

But how can we receive these intuitive messages? Through symbols. This is the language of our subconscious mind.


Sigmund Freud believed that dreams reflect the unfulfilled wishes in our life. He used a process called free association to uncover its meanings.

In short, you speak freely about everything that happened in your dream, and thus you go deeper and deeper down the symbolism and meanings rabbit hole.

Carl Jung thought dreams originate in our subconscious mind, and they play an essential role in communicating with us. They have healing potential, as understanding them and acting upon these insights can support us in becoming whole.

The co-creative dream theory focuses on how you react to what happens in your dream, both within the dream itself and after you wake-up. The basic idea is that the meaning doesn’t come from the dream content, but it’s a result of its interpretation.

Finally, dream interpretation is also an art linked to mystic approaches that have been developed since the inception of humanity. 

If you’re curious to uncover the subtle messages sent to you in your dreams, you need to embrace using your intuition.

So What is Dream Interpretation?

Glad you asked! The short answer is analyzing your dream content and assigning meaning to it.

Because we’re all linked by a collective subconscious, there are many symbols and archetypes that have been assigned a commonly accepted meaning in time.

Many of the symbols are more frequent and have a more familiar meaning, e.g., being chased, flying, being visited by someone who has died.

But a lot of others are less common, and the truth is that such interpretations are subjective.

An approach you can take is to use the universal symbolic meanings you can find in various resources online as a starter point. And then use your intuition to get deeper. You may discover some meanings that are highly specific to you.

Dream Dictionary

Here are a few dream meaning examples you can explore:

A: Abandon | Abortion | Affair | Amputation | Anaconda | Anger | Anime | AntsApocalypse | Aunt | Aquarium |
B: Baby | Baby Boy | Baby Girl | Baby Shower | Bamboo | Bananas | Bathroom | Bathtub | Bats Attacking | Beaches | Bears | Bed | Bedbugs | Bees | Being Arrested | Being Choked | Being Late | Being Left Behind | Being Lost in a Foreign Country | Being on a Train | Being Pregnant | Bible | Birds | Birds Flying | Birthday | Black Bear | Black Cat | Black Dog | Black Feather | Black Horse | Black PantherBlack Snake | Blood | Bleeding | Blue | Blue Butterfly | BoatBooks | Boyfriend Breaking with You | Breastfeeding | Broken Door | Broken Glass | Brown Horse | Brushing Teeth | Bugs in Hair | Bus | Butterflies |
C: Cake | Candles | Cards | Castle | Cats | Ceiling Leaking Water | Centipedes | Cemetery | Cheese | Chicken | Childhood | Child in Danger | Chocolate | Christmas | Church | Cleaning | Climbing Stairs | Clothes | Clouds | Coffin | Coins | Cookies | Cooking | Cow | Cousin | Coworker | Crabs | Crocodiles | Crow | Cruise Ship | Crush | Crying |
D: Dancing | Dead Father | Dead Grandmother | Dead Person Talking to You | Dead Person Smiling | Dead Snake | Deceased Parents | Deer or Reindeer | Deja Vu | Demon | Desert | Devil | Diamonds | Diarrhea | Dirty Water | Doctor | Dog | Dog Attack | Dog Bite | Dog Poop | Doll | Dolphins | Doors | Doves | Dragons | Drawing | Dream Within a Dream | Driving | Driving Off a Cliff | Duck | Dying in a Car Accident |
E: Eagle | Earthquake | Eating | Ear Wax | Eggs | Elephant | Elevator | Escaping | Ex-Boyfriend | Explosion | Eyebrows | Eyes
F: Fainting | Feet | Ferret | Finding Money | Fire | Fishing | Fish Swimming | Flat Tire | Flies | Floating in Air  | Flood | Flowers | Food | Forest | Fox | Friend’s Death | Frog | Fruits | Funeral | Furniture |
G: Gardening | Garlic | Galaxy | Gate | Getting a TattooGhost | Giraffe | Girlfriend Cheating | Giving Birth | Glass in Mouth | Goat | Going Back to School | Going Bald | Going Blind | Going to Jail | Gold | Goldfish | Gorilla | Graduation | Grapes | Grass | Green | Green Apple | Green Snake | Grey Feather | Grim Reaper | Gunfire |
H: HatHaunted House | Having Cancer | Having Long Hair | Heaven | Heavy Rain | Heights | Hiding | High School | Hitting Someone with a Car | Helicopter | Holding a Baby | Holding Hands | Home Invasion | Hospital | House with Many Rooms | Hugging | Husband Cheating |
I: Ice | Ice Cream | Ice Skating | Iguana | Intruder |
J: Jail | Jewelry |
K: Keys | Kidnap | Killer Whales | Killing a Snake | Killing Insects | Killing Someone in Self-Defense | Killing Zombies | Kissing | Kittens | Knife |  
L: Lake | Laundry | Lava | Leopard | Levitating | Library | Lice | Lightning | Lion Protecting Me | Lizard | Love | Lover | Luggage | Lyran Starseed |
M: Maggots | Magic | Mansion | Maps | Marriage | Maze | Menstrual Blood | Mermaid | Mice | Milk | Mirrors | Miscarriage | Missing a Flight | Money | Monkey | Monster | Moon | Mother | Mountains | Mountain Lion | Moving | Mud | Mushrooms | Music
N: Nails | Naked Woman | Necklaces | Needles | New Car | Not Dreaming | Night | Nude or Naked |
O: Ocean | Old House | Old Woman | Orange | Overflowing Toilet | Owls |                        
P: Packing | Party | Pearls | Peeing | Pegasus | Penguin | Phone Call | Pigeons | Pigs | Plane | Police | PoolPoop | Positive Pregnancy | Possum | Praying | Pregnancy Test | Prostitute | Pulling Hair Out of Mouth | Pumpkin | Puppies | Purple Butterflies |         
Q: Queen |
R: Rabbits | Rain | Rainbow | Rat | Rattlesnakes | Raw Meat | Reading | Red Hair | Red Snake | Restaurant | Rice | Riding a Bike | Rings | River | Road | Robbery | Rocks | Roller Coaster | Rose | Rotting Teeth | Running | Running Away |
S: Salt | Sand | Scorpion | Sea | Shaved Head | Sheep | Shoes | Shopping | Silver | Sleeping | Sharks | Shooting | Shooting Stars | Shower | Singing | Skeleton | Skin | Sky | Slippers | Smoking | Snails | Snow | Socks | Someone | Someone Drowning | Someone Dying Who is Still Alive | Spider | Stabbing | Star | Stealing Money | Stolen Car | Stone | Storm | Strawberry | Suffocating | Suicide | Sun | Sunset | Surgery | Sweets | Swimming | Swimming in Dirty Water | Swimming with Sharks |
T: Taking Care of a Baby |Tarantula | Tarot | Teacher | Teeth | Teeth Falling Out | Thunderstorms | Tigers | Tiger Chasing Me | Time Travel | Tornado | Traveling | Trees | Truck | Tsunami | Turtle
U: UFOs | Uncle | Umbrella |                                            
V: Vampires | Violet | Vomiting |
W: Walking Barefoot | Walking on Water | Wallet | War | Warning | Wasps | Water | Waterfall | Watermelon | Waves | Wedding | White | White Bird | White Car | White Cat | White Mouse | White Owl | White Rose | White Snake | Wind | Witch | Wolves Attacking | WormsWorld Ending | Women |                                                                                         
Y: Yellow | Yellow Snake | Your Ex |                                                                                                     
Z: Zebra | Zombies |                                                                                       

How to Remember Your Dreams

Even if we’re excited about diving into our dreams, it’s hard to do this if we don’t remember them, right?

So how can we improve the odds of remembering our dreams?

First of all, set an intention to remember them before going to sleep. Yes, it’s a simple technique, but it works. So before going to sleep, just tell yourself that in the morning you’re going to remember your dreams.

Then, has it ever happened to you to wake-up, remember something about your dreams and completely forget it, just a bit later? This is very common.

An excellent way to avoid this is to keep a dreams journal beside your bed. And whenever you wake-up in the morning and remember your dreams, just put them down on paper. You can use any notebook for this. Keep it simple.

If you just apply these two tips consistently, you’ll see massive improvements.

Can Dreams Predict the Future?

This is an exciting topic. For sure, it happened to you or to someone you know to have dreams that may seem to predict the future. And some researchers claim to have evidence of this, while many others say there is not enough evidence.


However, there is no need to enter this debate because the role of the messages you get in your dreams is not predicting the future.

It may happen to have a precognitive dream, meaning that what happened in the dream then occurs in real life. And this can be a reminder that the Universe is one intuitive connection away.

However, it is much better to approach the interpretation process as a healing messages discovery journey. The future is not set in stone, and the very dreams that you’re analyzing can be guiding pointers to making beneficial changes in your life.

Dreams vs. Nightmares

I haven’t met yet someone who says they enjoy nightmares….So much better to enjoy pleasant dreams, no?

Well, what’s interesting is that in terms of the message we receive from the Universe or our subconscious mind, a nightmare can send a positive note, and a pleasant dream can be a warning.


Take death, for example, as this is a common one. If you dream about your death, this can be interpreted as a rebirth in one area of your life. 

And it can be a 100% positive message, maybe nudging you into the direction of letting go of the past and wholeheartedly embracing the new.

On the other hand, a peaceful, enjoyable dream can bring your awareness a warning, an invitation to reassess certain decisions you made or to pay attention to an area of your life.

So to uncover a dream’s meaning, we need to go beyond the surface and explore its root symbolism.

Why Do We Have Recurring Dreams?

If you have recurring dreams, this is good news! This is an opportunity to make a significant positive change in your life.


The recurrence of a dream may indicate that your subconscious mind insists on making you pay attention to something in your life.

It may be an unprocessed emotion, a fear, something you want to hide without dealing with it, a grieving process that hasn’t happened, a change you are afraid to make. It can be many things.

And the fact that it is recurring indicates that it’s essential to uncover what this is all about and then take the action needed to deal with it. 

There can be a lot of healing potential in this process. It may not be an easy journey, but it will be worth it.

What is a Lucid Dream?

A lucid dream is simply a dream in which you’re aware that you’re dreaming.

Some people have a natural inclination to have lucid dreams, while others may never experience this.


It’s quite a fascinating topic, especially if you are interested in gaining a certain level of control over your dreams. If so, you can start studying and practicing the techniques that allow you to increase your lucid dreaming abilities slowly.

How to Interpret Your Dreams: Key Takeaways

If you’re attracted by discovering what your dreams mean, you are not alone. People have been into this for centuries.

And there is another good news. The biggest expert in the interpretation of your dreams is YOU.

You may be tempted to think that you are not an expert and self-doubt your ability to uncover the real meaning of a dream. But it’s precisely the opposite because universal symbols are just a starting point in the process. 

So, how does this work in practical terms?


First of all, you need to remember your dreams to be able to interpret them. So set an intention to remember them when you go to sleep. And consider using a notebook, as a dream journal, to jot down anything you remember when you wake up.

Then start thinking about your dream without letting your mind guide everything and drag you into a judgment spree. 

You can use a dream dictionary resource to learn more about the universal symbols present in your dream. This can be a great starting point.

Then immerse yourself in your intuition and pay attention to your feelings, thoughts, and intuitive insights surfacing up.

Don’t worry if nothing much is happening. You’ll get more familiar with this process the more you practice it.


So is it worth it to interpret your dreams? This is not about getting yes / no answers and about predicting the future.

It’s about a deep connection with yourself and the Universe, allowing you to heal, grow, and change your life for the better.

Ready to get started? Check out our growing dream dictionary. Happy dreaming! ✨☽

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